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Essay on Electronic Writing Will Not Make Books Obsolete

Electronic Writing Will Not Make Books Obsolete Twenty years ago, the thought of instantly publishing your thoughts for the world to see with the simple push of a button, would have been a dream. Today, websites and on-line forums have made this dream possible. Through the years, technology has made advancements in many fields. Today, nowhere is that more apparent than in the field of writing. Electronic writing’s detractors fear that the increase of electronic writing will spell disaster for modern language. History does not support this claim however. Some additional complaints about electronic text are that it is not aesthetically pleasing and it is awkward to read. This is a copout for people unwilling to†¦show more content†¦He believes modern language and writing owe everything to the printed word (which is not entirely untrue), and he is terrified that electronic writing will ruin modern language. What Birkets is forgetting, is that at one time, the book was just as new and scary a technology as ele ctronic text is now. George Landow explains in Twenty Minutes into the Future, or How Are We Moving Beyond the Book?, â€Å"We have to remind ourselves that if, how, and whenever we move beyond the book, that movement will not embody a movement from something natural or human to something artificial—from nature to technology—since writing and printing and books are about as technological as one can be (219).† We have grown so accustom to books that we take them for granted. People like Birkets forget that books are a form of technology too. As Landow describes them, books are â€Å"teaching and communicating machines (219).† The advent of books and printing technology has not destroyed language, and I doubt if the invention of electronic text will spell the demise of language either. Relaxing in a hot bath, curled up by a roaring fire, catching some rays on the beach, these are the places people read for enjoyment. Electronic text will never replace the old fashioned book in these arenas, they are simply not conducive to electronic reading. Landow’s story about Edward Tufte is another example of where electronic text will never replace books. Tufte â€Å"lovingly†Show MoreRelatedThe Importance Of Digital Writing1613 Words   |  7 PagesDo you text or post on social media? Most people don’t know, but, that is digital writing. You may have thought that it was more advanced and had certain requirements to be considered digital writing, however any writing that can be accessed online or on a computer is categorized as digital writing. The method plays a large role in classrooms, business offices, doctor’s offices, and the list goes on and on. Now, in our digital age, it’s becoming harder and harder to find someone who doesnt o wnRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of Technology On Manual Script Writing1431 Words   |  6 Pages However, she can see the negative effects that technology has on manual script writing for elementary school students. Sometimes the writer has had a hard time understanding some of her students handwriting and if she asks them what they wrote they do not understand their own handwriting. The writer thinks it will be beneficial for educators to find out what negative effects technology has on manual script writing. Furthermore, how has technology effected manual script handwriting? The CanadianRead MoreEssay about The Surrender of Books to Technology1016 Words   |  5 Pageswalk around hypnotized by the digital images on their electronic devices, where an unlimited supply of knowledge is at a user’s fingertips – thanks to the smartphone. Able to access information quicker than finding a book, these phones have the capabilities of providing amble amounts of knowledge in lightning speeds. Tablets and portable computers are easily accessible and at the fingertips of users. People almost everywhere are using electronics now as the chief source of learning. If you visit librariesRead More The Influence of Technology on Literature Essay1697 Words   |  7 PagesThe Influence of Technology on Literature This essay will discuss the way new technologies have influenced some of the areas of literature. Whilst the writer of this essay acknowledges the development of cyber books for their pure entertainment value, this essay will focus on the influence of new technology in the practical advances in the literature and associated industries. This includes the influences that new technology has had on the entertainment aspect, the educational aspect, the industryRead MoreAssistive Technology and Students with Visual Impairments952 Words   |  4 Pagescan be very difficult for students who have visual impairments. When using PowerPoint, most students who have visual impairments prefer to use the help of sighted students to make the presentations visually appealing (D’Andre). This is because they are unable to correctly judge what is visually appealing. When it comes to writing papers, most students use computers or devices with refreshable braille displays and turn them in on paper. Formatting a paper is almost impossible on certain devices thatRead MoreOld Teaching Methods and Technology are Needed in School816 Words   |  3 Pagesschools around the country. Steven Johnson of New York: Basic claims that, â€Å"Writing an entire book by hands strikes me as being a little like filming Citizen Kane on a camcorder. You can make a go at it, of course, but on some fundamental level you’ve misjudged the appropriate scale of the technology you’re using†. What he is portraying is that using something other than technology in the school setting is a bit obsolete in today’s age. But then again, there are solid facts to contradict why theRead More The Future of Literature in the Age of Technology Essay1528 Words   |  7 Pagescomputers appears to render printed literature more obsolete - e-mail and chat rooms have nearly eliminated traditional written letters, the Internet has all but replaced the need for libraries and paper catalogues an d, soon, hypertext will completely overtake the realm of the printed novel. Computers have saturated our literary environment to such a degree that it is difficult to imagine a time when print was our most prized communication technology. To make an accurate hypothesis about the computer cultureRead MoreWith An Ever-Changing World, It Is Important To Predict1284 Words   |  6 Pagesimportant to predict the future of healthcare. With the advancements in technology, cost and improving patients safety is healthcare’s main concern. This paper analyzes the benefits and risks of paper vs. electronic vs. RFID charting. While paper charting in facilities are becoming obsolete, the alternatives still pose a risk for the provider and patient. Paper charting was once the first and only form of charting available in the healthcare system. With all of the advancements in technologyRead MoreHow Digital Books Affect Consumer Lifestyle: Kindle Case Study1698 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿I.Introduction Kindle is classified as an electronic reader which was released by Amazon in 2007. The Kindle is a handy and convenient e-book reader that provided the company with a way of maximizing sales of trade and other publications by catering to the wants of the digital public (Sapon-White, 2012). With the help of the wireless internet connections, it allows a customer to shop, download books, magazines and newspapers which are available in digital format. The device is a portable, handheldRead MoreEssay on Technology: Friend or Foe?2221 Words   |  9 Pagescalculator to something as complex as the newest secrets in military defense. Technology is applying the new and innovative discoveries in science to everyday tasks. The biggest concern about technology expressed in a growing number of articles and books has to do with computer technology. People are scared of the many advancements in computer technology such as the internet and the World Wide Web. Currently, information capabilities are growing quickly with few regulations. Some of the dispute comes

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